AgroClean I Wastewater Treatment for Agro-Industry: Effective and sustainable wastewater treatment and reuse for a variety of agro-industries

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AgroClean is designed with innovative technology that can be built by local craftsmen and engineers using locally available resources. AgroClean is an affordable solutions designed for small to medium enterprises to ensure the existence and sustainability of clean water supplies, safe health conditions, and economic viability.


Effects of agro-industry pollution

Informal Economies

Gaps in centralized sewage

BORDA Indonesia’s Partner Network

BORDA BNS Network Mission

DEWATS Service Packages

DEWATS AgroClean

Key Features of AgroClean

Resulting BenefitsAdditional benefits

Operation & maintenance training

Different designs for different applications

A proven solution

DEWATS Service Packages

Post Date : 05 April 2010