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Thousands of schools in the world lack adequate access to water or sanitation. Very often both of these fundamental conditions for good hygiene are missing. Humanity has passed into the twenty first century still carrying the heavy burden to provide water and sanitation to millions of people. One of the objectives of the Millennium Development Goals is that by 2015 the proportion of people in the world without sustainable access to safe drinking water will be reduced by half. Will we reach this objective

Many institutions are involved in the noble challenge to give access to water and sanitation to those in need. Many of them recognise that the first beneficiaries must be children, the future builders of our world. Now is the time to provide the right conditions to assure not only their health, but also their understanding of the problems linked to water and the environment.

The Blue Schools programme is an initiative of the International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance (IRHA). Confronted by numerous demands to introduce rainwater harvesting (RWH) in schools in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, IRHA has decided to enlarge the scope of its efforts and to work to create the necessary basis for a healthy development and environmental consciousness of children in schools. This programme is in tune with the principles of Integrated Water Resource Management, the general framework in which IRHA has worked since 2002.


1.    Introduction

2.    Elements of the Blue Schoos Programme
2.1    Rainwater Harvesting
2.2    Adequate Sanitation and Hygiene
2.3    Environmental and Hygiene Education
2.4    Initiation to Solid Waste Managements
2.5    Food for the School Canteen and a Tree for Each Child Initiative
2.6    Solar Energy
2.7    Computers and computer education

3.    How to Organize the Blue School Programme
3.1    International Leading Organisation
3.2    Local Partners Organisation
3.3    Beneficiaries
3.4    Donors Organisation and Funding

Post Date : 10 Mei 2010