Capacity Building for Urban Sanitation Development: Background Report I Sanitation Governance: Institutional, financial and legal aspects

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Penerbit:Jakarta, ISSDP (Indonesia Sanitation Sector Development Program), Bappenas – WSP, October 2008, vii + 75 hal
Tahun Terbit:Th. 2008
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Kata Kunci:background report I, urban sanitation development, ISSDP, sanitation governance
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The document describes the context for institutional development in Component 4 of ISSDP. Following Chapter 2, which describes the approach to institutional assessment, the report is divided into two parts. Where appropriate, it includes references to other documents prepared under ISSDP, including Working notes on certain overall issues prepared under Component 1, and specific volumes of the City Sanitation Strategies being developed under Component 4.
Part A (Chapters 3-5) discusses the administrative, legal/regulatory, and financial context within which the cities must operate. Part B (Chapter 6-10) discusses trends and findings at city level, culminating in the approach to institutional development pursued by Component 4 in the cities. In chapter 11 provides inputs for the further development of an enabling environment for improved sanitation service delivery at city level.


Executive Summary

1. Introduction

2. Approach to Institutional Assessment
2.1 Network approach
2.2 Financial-economic potential for change

3. Decentralization
3.1 Recent Developments
3.2 The distinction between tasks of Provincal and Local Government
3.3 Vertical and horizontal coordination
3.4 The potential for a Provincial role in local (sanitation) development

4. Sanitation in Laws, Reglations and Policies
4.1 National laws and regulations
4.2 The policies for developing community-based and institutional WSES
4.3 Minimum service standards

5. Funding Water Supply and Sanitation
5.1 Overall public sector spending
5.2 Public sector spending on sanitation
5.3 Funding new investment


6. Developing City Sanitation Strategies
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Basic Dimensions of Planning Sanitation Solutions
6.3 Aspects of sanitation strategy development

7. Implentation and Operational Aspects of Sanitation
7.1 Background
7.2 Construction
7.3 System operation and service delivery
7.4 Possible alternative allocation of responsibilities for sanitation management
7.5 Potential for Public Private Partnership

8. Financial Management and Financial Capacity
8.1 The organization of financial management
8.2 Financial assessment in the sex cities

9. Local Government Regulations in the Six Cities

10. Principal Institutional Issues for Sanitation in the Six Cities
10.1 The planning process
10.2 Improving coordination in planning and decision-making for sanitation
10.3 Institutional development for better sanitation planning
10.4 Alternative strategies for improving coordination

11. Contributing to an Enabling Environment for Local Sanitation Colophon

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