Capacity Building for Urban Sanitation Development: Background Report II Gender and poor inclusive approaches to urban sanitation planning and development

Pengarang:DHV Consultant
Penerbit:Jakarta, ISSDP (Indonesia Sanitation Sector Development Program), Bappenas – WSP, April 2008, iv + 68 hal
Tahun Terbit:Th. 2008
No. Klasifikasi:363.72 IND c
Kata Kunci:background report II, urban sanitation development, ISSDP, urban sanitation planning – gender and poor inclusive approaches
Lokasi:Perpustakaan AMPL, Telp. 021-31904113, Perpustakaan ISSDP, Telp. 021-31903909

This report sets out the methodology, summaries the findings on the current gender approaches and presents the strategies for including gender and social equity in the national campaigns and City Sanitation Strategies. In the annexes 2,3 and 4 guidelines and tools for the implementation of the key recommendations are presented.


Executive Summary

1. Introduction

2. Methodolgy

3. Current Gender Approaches
3.1 Policy and Logical Frameworks
3.2 National Sanitation Enabling Environment
3.3 Assessing, Promoting and Meeting Sanitation Demands
3.4 Local Capacity Building and Strategy Development
3.5 Gender in City Programs
3.6 Waste water Disposal and Drainage

4. Strengthening Gender Mainstreaming at National Level
4.1 National Hand Washing Campaign
4.2 National Sanitation Awareness Campaign
4.3 Poor-inclusive Sanitation Campaign

5. Gender Mainstreaming in City Strategies
5.1 Sanitation
5.2 Hygiene Promotion
5.3 Poverty Reduction through Improved Sanitation and Hygiene

6. Support from Program Level
6.1 Enabling Frameworks and Capacity Building
6.2 Pilot/ Learning Projects
6.3 Monitoring and Evaluation

7. Conclusions and Recommendations
7.1 Conclusions
7.2 Recommendations

Post Date : 12 Januari 2009