Challenge of the Millennium Achieving the Sanitation Millennium Development Goals in East Asia

Pengarang:WSP Water Sanitation Program (WSP)
Penerbit:Phuket, Thailand. Challenge of the Millinnium, Th. 2004, 34 hal
Tahun Terbit:Th. 2004
No. Klasifikasi:363. 72 WAT c
Kata Kunci:sanitasi, prosiding, MDGs
Lokasi:Perpustakaan AMPL
The conference to share outcomes of country conferences with regional clients and partners, compare notes, and gain mutual insign, to bring in and share sanitation experiences from outside the EAP region, to identity and outline regional synergies possible for mutual benefit and support in operationalizing national MDG action plans related to sanitation and hygiene, to identity mechanism for continued sanitation learning and knowledge transfer within the region, to provide advice and inputs to WSP-EAP for the next years businness planning based on identyfied support needs.

Post Date : 01 Agustus 2006