PriSan I Sanitation for Prisons: A promising concept for prisons to lower infection rates & environmental pollution through advanced sanitation

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In many low-income countries, prison population suffer from chronic poor health, mainly caused by lack of clear water and hygiene; problems have changed little in the last years. Poor hygiene and sanitation facilitates promoted the spread of infectious and parasitic diseases like worm infections or diarrhoea. Insufficient wastewater treatment or even discharge of completely untreated wastewater are among the main reasons for poor sanitation and complaints from the neighbourhood. Prisons staff has usually no technical knowledge for dealing with the operation and the maintenance of wastewater treatment systems. Wastewater discharge options are limited (no or insufficient sewer systems). It is necessary that sewage systems throughout prisons need to be reorganised in order to avoid contamination of water resources and to improve health and hygiene conditions for prisoners.

DEWATS PriSan as an affordable, aesthetically pleasing and totally adaptable wastewater treatment solution, that aims to advance sanitation conditions in prisons.


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Post Date : 06 April 2010