Project Document: Environmental Sanitation, Hyiene and Water Supply Project in Urban Slums in Eastern Indonesia

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The Environmental Sanitation, Hygiene and Water Supply in Urban Slums project is designed as an effort to address water and sanitation and hygiene issues in five major eastern Indonesian cities – Makassar, Ambon, Mataram, Kupang and Jayapura. All cities faced significant urbanization over the past three decades.
The urban slums projects contributes to reduce the incidence of water and sanitation related diseases among 70,000 people especially children and women in under-served urban slums in five cities of Eastern Indonesia by providing safe water facilities integrated with improved sanitation and promotion of good personal hygiene practices.
The project implementation strategies centre around six objectives: (1) to increase the provision of safe water facilities for drinking and for all domestic purposes in the project areas; (2) to increase the use of sanitary latrines among the slum dwellers of the project areas; (3) to raise the level of personal hygiene practices especially proper hand washing with soap practices among the slum dwellers of the project areas; (4) to improve the environmental condition of the slum areas through the provision of garbage disposal and drainage facilities, proper solid waste management and composting; (5) to develop a broad platform for the slum inhabitants of these five cities for the overall social and infrastructure development of the slum areas and establish in these cities to prioritize slum inhabitan’s needs through the Community Action Plans; and (6) to strengthen coordination and cooperation among the stakeholders by gathering a sense of ownership among the beneficiaries and creating accountability among the service providers for the sustainable environmental sanitation, hygiene promotion and water supply for the urban poor.



Abbreviations/ Acronyms

Executive Summary

1.1 Background

1.2 General Criteria for Slums

1.3 Water and Environmental Sanitation Conditions of the Five Cities of Eastern Indonesia

1.4 Project Goal and Objectives

1.5 Target Group

1.6 Implementation Strategies

1.7 Project Activities
1.8 Project Management and Coordination

1.9 Monitoring and Evaluation of the Project

Annex A – Logical Framework
Annex B – Project Activity Plan

Post Date : 06 Agustus 2009