Study on Governments Knowledge, Attitudes and Motivations on Pro-poor Sanitation (final report February 2006)

Pengarang:AKADEMIKA-Center for Public Policy Analysis
Penerbit:Jakarta, Indonesia Sanitation Sector Development Project (ISSDP) The World Bank, 2006
Tahun Terbit:2006
No. Klasifikasi:363.72 AKA s
Kata Kunci:final report, sanitation
Lokasi:Perpustakaan AMPL, Telp.021-31904113, Perpustakaan WASPOLA, Telp.021-3142046

This study can be used to stimulate political will among high level nationa and local government decision-makes to invest sanitation and to address institutional impediments to improved sanitation. Moreover, this study can be base for identifying and motivating sanitation 'Champions" within the national and local government leaders to persit in moving the sector forward.

Daftar isi:

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter2 General Issues and Situation at District Level

Chapter 3 Knowledge, Attitude and Motivation of the Government

Chapter 4 Conclussions and Reccomendations

Attachment 1 List of FGD Attendees
Attachment 2 Instruments Used in the Study

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