Global Water Supply and Sanitation Assessment 2000 report

Penerbit:Washington DC, World Health Organization, 2000,
Tahun Terbit:2000
No. Klasifikasi:363. 61 WOR g
Kata Kunci:Water Supply, Sanitation, report
Lokasi:Perpustakaan AMPL

The Global assessment report 2000 presebts the findings of the fourth assessment of the water supply and sanitation sector. It is a sources of water and sanitation coverage estimates, and support investment, planning, management nd quality of service decisions in th esector. The methods used for assessment 2000 differ from those of previous reports. By focusing on user as primary sources of data, rather than on providers, the report provides a more accurate estimate of the present state of water and sanitation arround the wolrd. As a result, the assessment provides the baseline and monitoring methodology that will ensure realible and consistent statistics with which to report progress with confidence in the years to come.

This report is written for all those who wish to know the current of the water supply and sanitation sector, including national government officials, sector planers and consultants, bilateral, multilateral and united nations agency staff, staff of international and national professional associations and nongovernmental organization, researchers, and sector professionals through out the word. The assessment 2000 also highlights the huge challengers faced in meeting the need for safe water supply and adequate sanitation worldwide. The Global Assessment Report 2000 is an important step toward the ultimate goals of VISION 21, adopted at the second World Water, the Hague, adequate sanitation services and hygiene by 2005.

Post Date : 12 Maret 2006