Indonesia - Australia Water Supply & sanitation Policy Action Planning Project- Phase 2: Mid-term Review

Pengarang:WASPOLA 2
Penerbit:WASPOLA 2, Feb. 2006
Tahun Terbit:2006
No. Klasifikasi:350. 007 6 AUS m
Kata Kunci:laporan, WASPOLA
Lokasi:Perpustakaan AMPL
Australia development assistance program in Indonesia helps to improve governance, reduce poverty an achieve sustainable development. One of the objectives of Australia Indonesia Country Program Strategy is to increase accessibility to and quality of basic social service in Indonesia, including water supply and sanitation.The first phase of Waspla was a five year $8,3 mullion project commended in 1998 and ended in 2003. It developed a national ppolicy framework for community managed water and sanitation services icluding field trials to test aspects of the policy in a number of districts. The current 5 year phase involving and AusAID contribution of $8.1 million commenced January 2004 to assist the GoI to implement the policy.The Goals of WASPOLA 2 is to improve access for Indonesia, particularly the poor, to adequate and sustainable water supply and environmental sanitation service. The project purpuse is to increase the capacity of the GoI to implement policy and continue the on-going process of policy reform for the watersupply sector.

Post Date : 12 Desember 2006