Interactive Product Guide (Guia Interactiva del Productos) version 3.0

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With a worldwide emphasis on improving water quality, people everywhere are recognizing the need for new technologies and infrastructure to support growing populations and protect our fragile ecosystem.
Bio-Microbicsville was created to explain the concepts of using existing, proven technologies in better ways to help make quick, sustainable and affordable infrastructure improvements.
The Bio-Microbics interactive product guide contains product brochures, drawings, specifications, system-sizing charts, animations, installation photos and other product materials.
Product Description:
-    LagoonFAST: Clever upgrade packages for high-performances treatment and enhanced nitrification of aeration ponds and lagoons.
-    MicroFAST: Advanced, aerobic treatment systems for individual homes, clustered subdivisions and other domestic, small-flow applications, Simple installation, proven performance.
-    BioSTEP – Screened Pumping Systems: Versatile, pre-packaged pumping systems transfer screened liquids in numerous applications. Simple installation, minimal maintenance, and multiple capacity options.
-    RetroFAST – Septic System Enhancement: Simple retrofit for conventional septic systems into advanced treatment systems. Renovates failing systems, upgrades new systems.
-    HighStrengthFAST: Meeting the unique challenges of high-strength commercial applications with robust, low maintenance treatment modules.
-    BioBarrier – Membrane Bioreactor: Designed specially for residential, commercial and water reuse applications, the BioBarrier membrane bioreactor provides the highest quality effluent when it’s needed most.
-    SaniTEE – Wastewater Screens: Innovative wastewater screens for primary solids filtration. Simple installation and easy cleaning with no removal required.
-    BMIFillMEDIA: Polypropylene fill media for cooling towers, wastewater and stormwater processes. Wider temperature range, improved UV-stability, chemical resistance and durability.
-    LIXOR – Submerged Aeration Systems: Low-cost, reliable aeration system mixes and aerates using patented, submerged, non clogging Venturi-type diffuser. Installs easily into new and existing basins.
-    BioSTORM – Stormwater Treatment Systems: Low-maintenance, packaged, stormwater treatment systems for separation of trash, oils, suspended solids and other pollutants from stormwater.

Post Date : 08 April 2010