Monthly Consultant Report Alor and Ende/Accompanying Measures May 2010 ProAir

Penerbit:Indonesian-German Development Cooperation Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project Nusa Tenggara Timur (Pro Air), June 2010
Tahun Terbit:Th. 2010
Kata Kunci:monthly report, ProAir, May 2010
Lokasi:Perpustakaan AMPL, e-book

This progress report covers the period of May 2010. Reporting is done on the following issues:
1. Main Activities and Planned Activities
2. Problems, Constraints and Resolution Strategies
3. Project Progress according to Project Results
4. Project Management, Personnel, Logistics.

 Alor – Actual and Planned Activities
 Alor –Implementation Schedule – Material Supply and Construction Works
 Alor – Cost Summary
 Alor – Spring Yields in l/s
 Ende – Actual and Planned Activities
 Ende – Implementation Schedule – Material Supply and Construction Works
 Ende – Cost Summary
 Ende – Spring Yields (l/s) in Maukaro Sub-District
 Ende – Spring Yields (l/s) in Detukeli Sub-District

Post Date : 01 Juli 2010